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Zameer (The Awakening Of A Soul) [1997-MP3-VBR-320Kbps]

Zameer (The Awakening of a Soul) [1997-MP3-VBR-320Kbps]

Zameer (The Awakening of a Soul) is a 1997 Hindi action film directed by Rajat Rawail and starring Sanjay Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty, Kader Khan, Om Puri, Shakti Kapoor, Gulshan Grover, Laxmikant Berde, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Asrani and Paresh Rawal. The film is about a career thief who witnesses a murder by a gangster and decides to stand up against him. The film was released on May 16, 1997 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.


Kishan (Sanjay Kapoor) is a career thief who is on the run from the police in Bombay. He decides to relocate to Jamalpur in Uttar Pradesh, where he is not known to the police. He meets and falls in love with Roma Khurana (Shilpa Shetty), the sister of a corrupt Superintendent of Police, Ranjit Khurana (Gulshan Grover). He also befriends an astrologer Ram Prasad (Kader Khan), a teacher (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) and a waiter Babu (Asrani).

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One day, he witnesses a murder committed in broad daylight by the region's Raja Gajraj Singh (Paresh Rawal), a ruthless and influential gangster who has the support of Ranjit Khurana. Kishan decides to be a witness against Gajraj Singh and his gang, which puts his life in danger. He also learns that Roma is engaged to Gajraj Singh's son Satyakam (Satyajeet Puri), who is also involved in his father's crimes. Kishan tries to save Roma from the marriage and expose Gajraj Singh's illegal activities.

With the help of Ram Prasad, Jaichand Marwah (Om Puri), an honest police officer who is transferred to Jamalpur, and Beparwah (Laxmikant Berde), a local goon who joins Kishan's side, Kishan fights against Gajraj Singh and his men. He also faces Chedhi Lal (Shakti Kapoor), Gajraj Singh's right-hand man who has a personal grudge against Kishan. In the climax, Kishan manages to kill Gajraj Singh and his son, free Roma from the marriage and expose Ranjit Khurana's corruption. He also clears his name from the police records and marries Roma.


The music of Zameer was composed by Anand-Milind, Milind Chitragupth, Jolly, Anand Chitragupth and Kishore Sharma. The lyrics were written by Sameer. The soundtrack consists of seven songs, which were sung by Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan, Sadhana Sargam, Abhijeet Bhattacharya and Poornima. The songs were well received by the listeners and became popular. Some of the songs are:

  • "Tum Bhi Mujhse Pyaar Karlo" - Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik

  • "O Rabba Mujhe" - Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik

  • "Dil Ne Pukara Hai O Jaana" - Kumar Sanu and Sadhana Sargam

  • "Aati Hai To Chal" - Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik

  • "Zindagi Hai Kya" - Abhijeet Bhattacharya and Poornima

  • "Dil Ke Aaine Mein" - Kumar Sanu

  • "Zameer" - Instrumental


Zameer received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. The film was praised for its music, action sequences and performances of some of the actors, especially Paresh Rawal, Kader Khan and Om Puri. However, the film was also criticized for its weak script, direction and editing. The film was also delayed for a year due to Sanjay Kapoor's declining star status. The film was a flop at the box office and failed to recover its budget.


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