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Benjamin Andreev
Benjamin Andreev

Bart Lisa Sex Game

+++ A wealthy, self-centered man receives a strange birthday present: a gift certificate for a dangerous "game," devised by a mysterious and possibly evil company, and tailored to the history and personality of each client. David Fincher's thriller is an unusually imaginative suspense movie and a sardonic attack on the arrogance of power in the socially uncertain 1990s. Michael Douglas gives one of his best performances as the increasingly threatened hero, and Sean Penn is characteristically energetic as his brother. V P S

bart lisa sex game

EISENBERG: "Dark Crystal," "Wheel of Fortune." I love this game already. Our first game is called Quoth the Raven, Something More. We've rewritten Edgar Allan Poe's classic poem "The Raven" to be about famous people whose last name ends in more. Clever. So, contestants, you'll be playing the part of the raven. So listen to each chilling stanza and then ring in when you know who we're talking about.

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