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Transmission And Distribution Bakshi Pdf 21

Transmission and Distribution Bakshi pdf 21

Transmission and distribution are the two main components of power systems that deliver electricity from generation sources to consumers. Transmission lines carry high voltage electricity over long distances, while distribution lines distribute low voltage electricity to local areas. Transmission and distribution systems are designed to ensure reliable, efficient, and safe operation of power systems.

One of the books that covers the various aspects of transmission and distribution systems is "Transmission and Distribution" by Uday A. Bakshi and Mayuresh V. Bakshi. This book is intended for undergraduate students of electrical engineering and provides a comprehensive approach to the subject. The book covers topics such as:


  • Basics of power system, comparison of overhead and underground systems, types of DC and AC distribution systems, EHVAC, HVDC, and FACTS devices.

  • Sag calculation under different conditions, sag template, transmission line parameters, performance analysis of short, medium, and long transmission lines, circle diagram, methods of voltage control, corona effect.

  • Types of insulators, string efficiency, methods of improving string efficiency, single and three core cables, grading of cables, heating and testing of cables.

  • Types of substations, substation equipment, key diagrams.

  • Types of grounding systems, grounding grids, resistance of grounding systems.

The book uses plain and lucid language to explain each topic and provides numerous solved problems with analytical solutions. The book also provides self-explanatory diagrams and illustrations to support the concepts. The book explains the philosophy of the subject and makes the understanding easy and interesting for the readers.

The pdf version of the book is available online for download. The pdf file has 21 chapters and 672 pages. The file size is 54.2 MB. The pdf file is scanned from the original book and has clear fonts and images. The pdf file also has bookmarks for easy navigation. The pdf file can be viewed using any pdf reader software or application.

"Transmission and Distribution" by Uday A. Bakshi and Mayuresh V. Bakshi is a useful book for students, teachers, and professionals who want to learn more about the theory and practice of transmission and distribution systems. The book provides a comprehensive coverage of the subject with a logical method of explanation. The book is also suitable for self-study and reference purposes.


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