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About Last Night

Several months later, Danny and Debbie move in together. Bernie regularly mocks Danny about his relationship, accusing him of being emasculated and under Debbie's control. Danny and Debbie begin to argue more frequently about a variety of topics, but particularly about Danny's apparent lack of commitment to their relationship. He is fired from his job for extending credit to bar owner Casey, and begins working at Casey's as a bartender.

About Last Night

While working, Danny is surprised by Alison. After she gets too drunk and refuses to go to her own home, Danny brings her to his apartment, where she flirts with him. The same night, Debbie, who is on a business trip, is propositioned by her coworker and ex Steven; both reject their exes.

In contrast to the original film, the remake's starring cast is mostly black. Actor Michael Ealy said the story could be read independently of race and that it did not mean the original film would be called "predominantly white".[6] Actor Kevin Hart said, "I feel that what we're doing is making it a little bit more modern, by incorporating black people. I don't think it's just about us being black, it's just a different take on the relationship feel. Our rants are a little different than a white rant. Our way of arguing is different from a Caucasian couple's fights. It's a little more violent. It gets a little more vulgar. Things are said that you don't expect to be said."[17] The Toronto Sun reported that in addition to the all-black cast, the remake would be closer in tone to the source material.[18]

The remake is set in Los Angeles, California, where the original film was set in Chicago, Illinois. The production did not qualify for a California film tax credit, but executives intended to film in Los Angeles regardless. The crew filmed in downtown Los Angeles, not traditionally depicted in films as a people-friendly community. The downtown area had been revitalized in recent years, and the crew chose to film most of About Last Night in a 10-block radius around 6th and Main Streets. Most films are filmed in different locations not near each other, so the setup for About Last Night was unconventional but helped minimize transportation costs. Filming locations in the area included Pacific Electric Building, Cole's Pacific Electric Buffet, Santa Fe Lofts, Casey's Irish Pub, and Broadway Bar. The crew's location manager approached the owner of the local businesses to depict their properties as-is and benefit from publicity in exchange for lower rental fees for use of the space. Dodger Stadium was the sole filming location outside of the radius. Filming lasted for seven weeks in late 2012, and production was completed with a budget of $13 million.[1]

The film review website Metacritic surveyed 30 critics and assessed 20 reviews as positive, 9 as mixed, and 1 as negative. It gave an aggregate score of 62 out of 100, which it said indicated "generally favorable reviews".[31] The similar website Rotten Tomatoes surveyed 96 critics and, categorizing the reviews as positive or negative, assessed 66 as positive and 30 as negative. Of the 96 reviews, it determined an average rating of 5.9 out of 10. It gave the film a score of 69% and summarized the critical consensus, "About Last Night wanders even further from the David Mamet play that inspired the original, but it benefits from an engaging cast and a screenplay that smartly balances romance and comedy."[32] Tim Ryan, writing for Rotten Tomatoes, said critics found the film "wise about the ups and downs" of love. Ryan said, "The pundits say About Last Night doesn't reinvent the romantic comedy wheel, but it's refreshingly honest and insightful, and it provides a fine showcase for Hart's onscreen talents."[33]

The next day, Dan calls Debbie at work "about last night," and asks her out on a second date, to which she accepts. Afterwards, they again wind up in bed together and spend the following day exploring the city, where Dan reveals to Debbie that his dream is to quit his job at a restaurant supply company and open his own restaurant. They begin dating more seriously and move in together, much to the chagrin of Joan and Bernie, who dislike each other as well.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave it 4 out of 4 stars, writing in his review that "About Last Night . . . is one of the rarest of recent American movies, because it deals fearlessly with real people, instead of with special effects."[11] The lead performances were especially praised, with Ebert writing "Lowe and Moore, members of Hollywood's "Brat Pack," are survivors of last summer's awful movie about yuppie singles, St. Elmo's Fire. This is the movie St. Elmo's Fire should have been. Last summer's movie made them look stupid and shallow. About Last Night . . . gives them the best acting opportunities either one has ever had, and they make the most of them."[11] Sheila Benson of the Los Angeles Times called it "Tender, marvelously well played (by almost everyone) and thoroughly engaging. When it comes to the current sexual skirmishes between men and women, screenwriters Tim Kazurinsky and Denise DeClue (Second City alumni) know every inch of enemy territory and take no prisoners."[12] Vincent Canby of the New York Times gave it a mixed review, calling it "an occasionally bright, knowing look at the same singles scene that's been explored no less effectively by a number of other, very similar movies".[13]

Bernie: I wanna talk to you, man. All that stuff that I was sayin' to you about her potentially being Alison? I didn't mean it, man. I'm seeing a difference in you. I feel like it's because of her. I'm kind of like, jealous, a little bit? I'm really happy for you, Danny.

Since Danny's been sulking over a breakup with Angela (Paula Patton, wasted yet AGAIN), Bernie asks Joan to bring Debby as a double date opportunity. Danny and Debby exchange polite pleasantries while Bernie and Joan get plastered on hard liquor and retreat to the bathroom for the first of "About Last Night"'s many bouts of sexual slapstick. "This is the worst date I've ever been on," says Danny, "and it's not even my date!"

As Bernie congratulates Danny on his evening ("How did you know?" asks Danny. "She's Joan's roommate!" Bernie replies.), Joan gets the 411 from Debby. "I can't believe I slept with him on the first date," Debby says, but it's not at all a lament. One of the more refreshing things about this film is how it acknowledges, without shame, that women love to have (and gossip about) sex just as much as men do.

Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall and Joy Bryant star in this hilarious romantic comedy about what men and women really want. Bernie (Hart) and Joan (Hall) are two fiery flirters who are passionate about everything from hookups to breakups. When he sets up his best friend, Danny (Ealy), with her roommate, Debbie (Bryant), the sparks soon fly as they try to navigate the relationship minefields from the bar to the bedroom.

She only requested that he remember and look out for his granddaughter. Poor Ava is none the wiser about any of this, just one of a handful of teens left in the dark about the adults' past and actions.

But it makes you want to see more scenes between them to get a better history. Catt never got to know her mother, and Albie is her father and someone who can tell her so much about the woman. He's a wealth of information.

Catt's level of calm and self-containment when it comes to all of this is enough to make you believe she has some ulterior motive. I also wonder if she made it to Nicky's home that night, saw what happened, and backed away.

It's interesting that Albie confided in Nicky about Catt and who she is, but he hasn't shared anything about this with his other kids. They have a right to know, and all these little secrets among micro-groups within the family sow dissent.

However, thanks to an upset Tatum, he's launching a full investigation, and he's not stopping until he gets to the truth. Of course, it seems he has suspicions about something nefarious on top of that, and he doesn't seem to care if it may bring down any of the Romans.

Albie: there's been too many secrets and too many lies floating around here for too long. It's time we start clearing them up. You know I had an affair a long time ago. Well it turns out the woman, Rosa, she had a child. Nicky: OK. Albie: Your momma found out about it. She locked them in the barn, and she burned it down. Nicky: She wouldn't do that. Albie: She did. But the baby survived, that baby is Catt Phoenix.

He's focused on taking Monarch to new levels, and he's thrown himself into that while not addressing any of his personal issues in his life or what happened that night. It's going to suck when his world comes crashing down.

They took some serious liberties with airbrushing her to look like she was a size 4, which was irritating. Gigi criticizing it and going about her day showing everyone what she looks like and how real she is gained more fans, exposure, and positive reactions than the photoshoot ever could.

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