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1001bit Tools Sketchup Crack 12

1001bit Tools Sketchup 12: A Review of the Best SketchUp Plugin for Architects

If you are an architect, designer, or hobbyist who uses SketchUp for creating 3D models, you might have heard of 1001bit Tools, a plugin that adds a collection of useful tools for architectural works. In this article, we will review the features and benefits of 1001bit Tools Sketchup 12, the latest version of the plugin that is compatible with SketchUp 2022 and 2023.

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What is 1001bit Tools?

1001bit Tools is a plugin that extends the functionality of SketchUp by adding a set of tools that are specifically designed for architectural modeling. The plugin was created by Goh Chun Hee, a practicing architect from Singapore who also runs the website [], where you can find more information and tutorials about the plugin.

1001bit Tools has two versions: freeware and pro. The freeware version is free to download and use, and it includes a number of tools such as staircases, windows, doors, walls, roofs, etc. The pro version requires a license fee of $29 USD, and it offers more advanced tools such as parametric components, profiles, arrays, etc. You can compare the features of both versions on the [official website].

What are the benefits of using 1001bit Tools?

Using 1001bit Tools can save you a lot of time and effort when creating architectural models in SketchUp. Instead of drawing each element manually or using generic components from the 3D Warehouse, you can use 1001bit Tools to generate customized elements that suit your design needs. For example, you can create a spiral staircase with just a few clicks, or a window with different types of frames and glazing options.

Another benefit of using 1001bit Tools is that you can edit and modify the elements easily after creating them. The plugin uses dynamic components, which means that you can change the parameters of the elements such as dimensions, materials, styles, etc. without having to redraw them. You can also use the built-in editing tools such as fillet edges, extend, chamfer, etc. to refine your model.

How to install and use 1001bit Tools?

To install 1001bit Tools, you need to have SketchUp 2022 or 2023 installed on your computer. You can download the plugin from the [SketchUp Extension Warehouse] or the [SketchUcation Plugin Store]. After downloading the plugin file (.rbz), you need to open SketchUp and go to Window > Extension Manager > Install Extension and select the file. You will then see a new toolbar with the 1001bit Tools icons on your screen.

To use 1001bit Tools, you simply need to select the tool that you want to use from the toolbar and follow the instructions on the screen. For example, if you want to create a staircase, you need to click on the staircase icon and then specify the parameters such as number of steps, width, height, etc. You can also access more options by right-clicking on the element or opening the component options window.


1001bit Tools Sketchup 12 is a plugin that can enhance your SketchUp experience by providing you with a set of tools that are tailored for architectural modeling. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you can use 1001bit Tools to create realistic and detailed models in less time and with less hassle. You can download the freeware version for free or purchase the pro version for more features from the [official website].

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